Wardrobe Essential: A Colorful Sport Coat

June 12, 2013

Even in the summer, good layering can make or break an outfit. We couldn’t agree more with the recent Robb Report article about the wardrobe staple that is the colorful sport coat. The value of a great sport coat goes beyond the practicality of layering in the cooler months—a colorful coat’s versatility will last you especially throughout the spring and summer.

The Robb Report listed Robert Talbott as a top pick for colorful sport coats. The sport coat that was featured in the article is a sophisticated combination of the finest wool, silk and linen. Inspired by the spirit of the Monterey Peninsula, this sport coat has a traditional cut while showcasing an updated take on color and pattern. A practical piece with no shortage of style and personality.

The Robert Talbott Sport Coat showcases the finest of fabrication and design. It is rich in color, strong in structure, and styled to perfection – the Robert Talbott way.