Robert Talbott’s Windowpane Jacket Featured in Esquire

October 21, 2013

When it comes to designing textured, statement, must-have blazers and sport coats, Robert Talbott is simply one of the best. According to the Esquire fashion editors in a recent guide post, Robert Talbott is on the list for designing some of the best patterned sport coats for this fall season.

Featured in the shopping guide was the Charcoal and Orange Windowpane Jacket. This sport coat is the embodiment of what it means to wear comfortable luxury. And while we’re honored to have Esquire feature our Windowpane Jacket, we’re proud to say that there are only winning options when it comes to choosing which Robert Talbott Sport Coat is for you. In order to accomplish the sport coat look, you must consider the cut, color, and occasion. Here are a few of our favorite sport coat looks for this season.