The Reinvention of Robert Talbott

February 1, 2013

Esquire Magazine sat down with President and CEO, Bob Corliss, to talk about the recent changes at Robert Talbott. Mr. Corliss shared some insights on the new direction of the brand and his progressive vision in continuing to mold its sophisticated appeal.

Having started as a neckwear manufacturer, Robert Talbott has a keen understanding of the intricacies of the production process—the way certain fabrics will meld with others, the specific details of patterns and stitching, and the vast knowledge of well- made clothing that comes from touching the product every step of the way. Corliss explained to Esquire that, as the brand has grown and become one of the only American clothing companies that is also a manufacturer, quality has continued to be king in all Robert Talbott products.

Esquire recognized this reverence for a thoughtful and deliberate process, while also applauding the new brand direction that Corliss and his creative team have taken. Traditional cuts and styles are updated to appeal to a younger crowd, a crowd that looks to the classic silhouettes and supplements “with a collection of clothes that are slimmed down, sharpened up” pieces.

And while these updates to the brand are exciting, Corliss is clear to stick to Robert Talbott’s foundation—quality materials, meticulous process, and great style. A true “maker,” Robert Talbott features classic concepts that are “pretty damn stylish by anyone’s standards.”