Inspired by the Archives

March 5, 2014

Our Heritage

Robert Talbott, Inc. came into existence in 1950, during a wonderful age of masculine style. In the 1950s, conservatism and conformity were the common trends in menswear. Such paragons as Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy reigned supreme (and far larger than life) on movie screens and presidents still wore homburgs.

When Robert, Audrey and their son Robb arrived in California, from a successful life in New York City and Connecticut, they brought with them a sense of eastern tradition and a keen interest in taking advantage of the west’s abundant possibilities.

Though Robert had already succeeded as a corporate executive, his true ambition since his days at the Harvard Business School in the 1930s had been to manufacture something unique and special. Audrey was already doing that, sewing one-of-a-kind bow ties for their friends at Christmas. The next step was almost inevitable. She started creating ties for a select group of discerning men.

Robert and Audrey envisioned a company that would create high quality neckwear and shirts for men who would appreciate superb materials and the details of fine workmanship. They understood their customer as a man who knew the hallmarks of sartorial distinction and whose sense of style came from within.

By 1955, Audrey’s handmade bows were in eight men’s clothing shops on the west coast. The adventurous couple began traveling to Europe and Asia in search of the best weaving mills. Robert and Audrey ‘s fascination with the vineyards of France and Italy instilled in their son Robb an appreciation of fine wines culminating, years later, Robert Talbott Vineyards. Today, Robb has successfully cultivated Robert Talbott Vineyards and his wines are among the most sought after in the world.

In 1958, Audrey, a retail buyer before her marriage, directed the opening of the first retail shops in Carmel and Pebble Beach. In 1992, she brought a longtime dream to reality when she launched the Talbott showroom in New York City.

The Talbott product line grew steadily. Imaginative designs allowed customers to select a variety of colors and widths, attracting new devotees while allowing loyal customers to express their individuality.

Today, we are inspired by the foundation Mr. and Mrs. Talbott created. As we continue the legacy of producing superior product, we are reminded of our brand essence and take great pride in delivering the absolute best.

“A man who dresses well makes a defining statement. The style and quality of a jacket or suit, the artistry of a tie, the appreciation for subtle details, are nothing less than a personal credo.” – Robert Talbott