Retailer Highlight - Harrison Limited, Birmingham, AL

November 21, 2013

1. Why did you start Harrison Limited?  

I’ve always loved clothes, and have always known the particular point of view on men’s fashion that I personally wanted. I wanted it for myself, and wanted it so I could share it as well. I thought Birmingham was a place that could use a point of view like the one I wanted to share. That and I didn’t really know how to make a living doing anything else. 


2. How would you describe the style of Harrison Limited? 

Our point of view has always been an updated traditional look. Classic pieces with a modern take. We don’t really want to chase trends, but we have always desired to stay relevant with what the rest of the industry was doing, while being true to ourselves, and Birmingham. 


3. How would you describe Birmingham’s style? the South’s?

I’d say Birmingham is very diverse. Thats why there are so many different styles of men’s shops in this town, each one with their own unique take. But as a whole Birmingham is dressing down more and more. You are seeing less suits worn to the office but more sport coats during the week. But, seeing men dress up more on a Friday or Saturday night to dinner with their wife which is a good thing. 

I really don't think the South is all that different from the rest of the country. The internet gives us all access to sights, sounds, trends, cultures, and products from everywhere. This broad access has the effect of creating finer and finer niches in every imaginable category, including, of course, men's clothing. Generally speaking, a man's workplace usually defines what he wears during the day, and it does seem that the workplace is becoming more casual, so it's interesting to see men buying jackets to wear at night to a nice restaurant. How we dress, and consequently how we shop, has become very occasional—more often we are shopping for events and occasions.


4. What about men’s fashion right now gets you excited? 

Trimmer silhouettes. Men of all ages are embracing slimmer styles in shirts, pants, jackets, really everything. You are seeing an openness to try new relevant styles. We are featuring that, and people are asking for it as well.


5. What from Talbott fits into the style? or How do you make Talbott work for your shop and Birmingham’s style? 

At Harrison we primarily carry Robert Talbott's dress shirts, sport shirts, and neckwear. All of the dress shirts and sport shirts that we carry are from the Carmel, CA factory, which is essentially a custom factory which allows us to specify our exact fits and styles. It is great that we can get this custom within the Robert Talbott brand, but when you really look at other shirt makers in America and in the world, their quality is second to none. 


6. What would you say makes Talbott special? 

I love the history of the company, the whole story of Audrey and Robert Talbott really. The character, integrity and history of the brand really is special but the quality of the product is the main reason we will always carry the brand. They are an iconic American brand and make great clothes. 


7. Why do you carry Talbott in your store? 

They are a quality American brand. 


8. Where do you think men’s fashion is heading? 

Really the whole made in America movement is huge. Men not only are looking for trimmer clothes, but quality clothes that will last for more than a few years. But the thing that gets me excited is we are seeing great American designers with a unique American point of view continue to gain steam and influence.